Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Garage redo

So as part of my goal of following in the footsteps of Daryl Hoole and Becky Beck, I have been working  on reorganizing my garage.  In this post I have some before pictures as well as a couple of finished projects.  Let's just say 2 things. 

1) I absolutely dreaded having people who had to work on our house see the shelves so disorganized.  The only reason I even posted a picture is because now they are better and not awful anymore and I would love you to come over and walk through my garage so I could show you all of the fun things I put in, in person.

2) I love, love, love how with some work, hard thinking, peg boards, and some awesome free pegs that my brother picked up for me at the Boy Scout shop, along with a few other prudent purchases and repurposes, I have been able to redo and make my garage more useable for under $200.  Everything fits better, has a designated place and its made more room to park both vehicles.

Someday, after our house is payed off, I will probably go in, put up new dry wall or some type of sweet garage shelving system and make the garage as pretty as the rest of the house.  But for now, I have two main goals--get organized and get out of debt.  The get out of debt goal means that for the get organized goal to happen, the key is to be creative AND frugal.

Here are some pictures that I took.  Below are the messy shelves and cupboards.

See my shelves that I was building in the corner?  There used to be another cupboard here as well, but we weren't getting the benefit from floor to ceiling storage, so we took it out and will repurpose it in our carport to store my potting supplies.

Where the ladder is now hanging (oh frabjous day!), we used to have our snow shovels all hung up.  It worked ok, for the snow shovels at least, but the ladders were just leaning up against the wall, taking up space.  I was also worried that they might fall backwards and hit something.  I love the ladder hooks that I bought.  They took about 5 minutes to install, to make sure they were level, and created sweet space saving.  Now my husband can park closer to the wall, so both cars have more room.

Make sure you check back on Thursday to see the big reveal.  Well ok, it IS a garage, so the reveal won't be THAT big, but I am sure happy about it!!!

Happy Organizing!