Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Popcorn Trees"

At church we have a fun little song "Popcorn Popping" from the Children's Songbook. My children love to see the "popcorn trees" in bloom in the spring.  For the most part, in our area, instead of apricot trees we have decorative pear trees and dogwood trees.  It's always fun to see the white blossoms popping out in early spring.

A few weeks ago, I was out walking with my preschoolers and we saw a couple of "popcorn trees".  Of course we had to stop and sing the song when we saw the white blossoms.  The night before we had a wind storm and there were plenty of sticks on the ground, inspiring us to make this fun craft. 

 Popcorn Tree Craft
Sticks--the more they branch out the more "tree-like" they'll be
Popcorn (popped)
Marbles or decorative stones
Glue gun

Fill the vases partway with marbles or stones.  Insert one or more sticks.  Glue popcorn all over the sticks using the glue gun.  My 3 year old handed the popcorn to me while I did the gluing.

Eat some popcorn as a snack while enjoying your new decoration.

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