Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cleaning Tip #2

Fall is officially here!  With the seasons changing and the Holidays around the corner, there are clothes to switch out, toys to go through and ovens to clean before Halloween cookie-baking or Thanksgiving turkey-roasting. Okay, well, my oven sure needed a thorough cleaning!  (If you own a rental, do your renter a favor and make sure the fridge, oven and kitchen cupboards are clean before they move in.) But in addition to any organizing/cleaning projects, the everyday cleaning as we all know never goes away. 

Here are two tips that help me in my cleaning.

#1.  Have LOTS of dishcloths and rags handy.  I LOVE having MANY rags.  And as you can tell, they are well used!

Sept 15 2011 rags

For the dishcloth department, I love having a lot here too!  I go through about two if not more dish cloths a day.  If I wash out a bowl that had raw egg in it, I get out a fresh dishcloth.  If I have to wipe up a lot of spilled milk on the table, I get out a fresh dishcloth.  I am sure you can imagine the many scenarios that would warrant a new dishcloth.  I personally don't use a dishcloth from one day to the next.  I am constantly changing them out.

Spet 15 2011 drawer cloths

#2. Wear something with pockets while cleaning.  It seems there is always some sort of tiny odd or end that is out of place.  Having pockets allows me to stuff that item away till I am done cleaning upstairs before going down, or finish cleaning the van before going inside.  Making multiple trips unnecessarily around the house can waste a few minutes of precious time.  Cleaning one area and then moving on to the next is more efficient. Along the lines of pockets, something I do when I clean out my van is bring two grocery bags with me.  One bag is for garbage, the other for everything else.  This helps me get everything out of the van quickly.  But, when you bring the bag of non-garbage in, make sure you sort through it and put away the items right away!  No need in creating yet another mess!

What are some of your little tips to facilitate easier cleaning?


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