Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall is Here

 We've been pretty busy with school and extracurricular activities at our house.  On Saturday, we were driving home from the temple (a 3.5 hour drive) and I handed out some little Halloween recipe books to the kids.  I told the kids that they were each assigned a Saturday in October and they needed to plan and help prepare the fun food on those days.  Boy, were they excited!  Usually all the kids fall asleep on our drive back from the temple, but not this Saturday.  They were consumed with planning their menus and writing down the things they would need for their day as "chef." 

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays.  This year I thought we would get a little head start on our planning so we would be sure to include all the fun food, decorations and costumes in our upcoming budget.  

For Halloween I don't like anything too creepy, but if it's fun, cute or just plain silly, it's welcome at our house.  My hope is that my sisters and I will also help you get a head start on some ideas for Halloween.  We love to go all out, but we also do it on a shoestring.  Visit us soon to see what spooktacular things we've tried in the past or will try this year.   

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