Monday, June 25, 2012

Projects, Daryl Hoole Style

I was talking to my sister the other day,  actually it was probably last month and we were talking about one of our favorite homemakers/authors Daryl (pronounced like Karl) Hoole.  She is the ultimate when it comes to managing and running a home.  Deb and I were thinking of posting some of our projects around our homes that we complete, Daryl style.  So I set out on this summer's day to do just that.
 First I got a batch of bread going.

 Then I thought I would get a picture of a bit of blue for you to enjoy.  Love the flowers, thanks to my 6 yr old for planting them.
 The bread is done and I missed taking pictures of the project for the day.
Hang on. . . This is one of those projects that lasts for days and days. . . so I should be able to find the "before" pictures.  Rats.  I will post those in a few days, after my husband gets back with his camera from Scout Camp.  But by the looks of my most recent posts to this blog, don't hold your breath.

Here's another project we finished up last week.  My husband made this sweet bench for my dining room table.  He used a Kreg Jig to assemble it.  It's super sturdy and was really easy to assemble.  The most time consuming part was staining and sealing it.
While I was at it with the staining, I sanded down this old Primary church pew/bench from my parents and stained it as well.  I still want to seal it with a coat of polyurethane.  I stripped it and stained it with a lighter stain months ago, but I love how it looks with the darker stain.  It goes well with my piano and antique sewing machine.  I have it in the front hall with baskets for each of the kids underneath to put all those random items of theirs that I find around the house. 

I invite my other sisters to share some of their homemaking projects as well.  If you can find them, "The Art of Homemaking," and "The Ultimate Career" by Daryl Hoole are really good books to read.


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Lois said...

I love Daryl Hoole's books as well. But I never reached her level of organization like you have. Way to go, Lena.