Monday, July 2, 2012

File project

Last week I finished cleaning out and moved the rest of the files from my bedroom down to the family room where we relocated our file cabinets.  Sorting papers is not one of my favorite projects.   
Before:  I don't have the before pictures of the files all over my floor.  Here's the stack, greatly reduced in size with a bit of blue peaking out, and ready to be moved downstairs.
Procedure:  Move files downstairs.  This part of the project was easy.

I have a couple of huge stacks of papers to shred or burn.  Those might be some fun pictures.  Burning papers  I mean.  Too bad we have a fire ban right now in the city.  It's been too hot and dry.  

Some of the other projects I had last week included cleaning off my dresser and cleaning up all the "kid clutter" that always seems to accumulate in my bedroom.  I weeded and watered my garden throughout the week  and picked corn.  I don't know if those qualify as "projects" or not.  Finally for my last project last week we had Terminix come on Friday.  We have a new infestation of 2 bugs that we aren't familiar with and all our efforts of spraying and fumigating weren't working on these "super bugs".  Yuck.  So now we need to call Terminix and see how long it takes for the bugs to go away, because they are still there!  My husband saw them again last night.
 He smashed them so he could take a picture.  This one is a roach I'm not familiar with. 
 We will definitely need to call the bug guy to come again. 


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Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

Great job on your projects!!! Filing papers and getting some sewing done are always awesome accomplishments! The vests look great. Good job!