Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Budget numbers for June

We are well into June and the numbers are in for the food budget.  I did take some help from food storage, so I guess it's not a true reckoning of how we did money wise for June.  Our garden is slowly producing, but we didn't plant enough to make a dent in the budget.

Drumroll please.....the number ended at: $215.62.

Here is a estimate of what we used from food storage:

3 cans of fruit
1 container of applesauce
1 container of peanut butter
1 bottle of spicy brown mustard
4 or 5 boxes of cereal (this is a total guess, I really have no clue, sadly!)
1 container of Old Fashioned oats
1 box muffin mix

That would range about $20 or so dollars. This month (July) the food budget is a bit different as come the last few days in July there will be about 53 people at my house for a reunion. (That is the current count.)  I do try to veer away from Ramen when guests come over...  Right now my food budget is set at about $400 for the month.  The reunion is only a few days long, but as a buffer I plan on using up some of my food storage.  

How did you do this month on your food budget?  I am moving soon and I found out that there is a Kroger about 20 minutes away!  I am excited to get my feet wet with some serious couponing! 


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