Friday, August 26, 2011

Easy Slipcover for Your Couch--Made Out of Sheets in Under 2 Hours!

Here are some pictures of some of my roses.  

Now--down to the business of making a slip-cover.  I took pictures along the way, but if they aren't super clear--let me know and I will explain better.

Supplies needed
  • 1 Flat Full Sheet
  • 1 Flat Twin Sheet
  • 1 Flat Queen Sheet
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread to match sheets
  • 1 package of bias tape--any color (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
 About the supplies--I personally like the look of bold, solid colors.  It works well in my home, especially with the art that is hung in my front room.  Because of this, the cheap sheets from Wal-mart and Kmart work well.  I can make a slipcover for under $20.  If you have a fabric that you love, it would be easy to sew strips of it into the dimensions of the above sheets for a totally different look.

1)  Take all cushions and pillows off of the couch.  Take the full sheet and center it on the couch, wrong side up, with the sheet evenly skimming the floor on the front and on the back.  There should be a little bit extra in the middle that you will be able to tuck in so that it will stay in place better.

2)Take out the twin sheet.  Fold in 1/2 like a hamburger.  Make a small cut, and then rip in 1/2.  You could cut it as well, but I love to rip, since it will rip perfectly straight.  Lay one piece on each of the arms of the couch, wrong side up.  Make sure that the hemmed end is touching the floor.

3) Ok, this is where it might get a little confusing, but I will do my best to be clear.  Start on one of the back corners by the floor.  Take the arm piece as well as the center piece and start pinning, going from the floor all the way up until you reach the end of the side of the twin sheet that you are working on.  Repeat on the other side.  Sorry--the picture below is sideways.  I hope though, that this helps to make it a little more clear.

4)  Do the same thing for the front on both sides. (Sorry--another sideways picture.)  Make sure that you keep the hemmed edges that are along the floor even. 
Now, notice above the big gap.  That is ok and how you want it.  It will all be tucked in and not noticed.

5)  Remove slipcover from couch and sew wherever you have pins. You might need to mark it in some way so that you know which side is in the front and which is in the back.This part is all done.  Flip right side out, slip over couch, making sure that you put it on with the front and back in the right direction.

6)  Tuck in loose corners and along where the back meets the seat, until it is nice and tight--making sure that where it touches the floor stays even and straight.

7)  Next, to cover your cushions, take the queen sheet and lay flat, put down cushion, fold over, cut off excess, pin sides, remove from cushion and then sew.  I then like to take my bias tape and along the open edge sew ties on both sides, so that I can tie it closed so it stays on.  You don't have to use bias tape.  I have also taken scraps of the sheet, folded them over 3 times and made my own little strips.  My couch has one big cushion, so I make 4 places to tie it shut.  If you have 3 smaller cushions, then I would do 2 on each cushion.  Put on the cushion and enjoy your new look!

Hopefully in the next 2 weeks I will be posting pictures of my pillow covers.

Happy Sewing!


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The Five Sisters said...

Thanks Deborah. Looks awesome! Can you take a picture of your living room so we can see how the couch looks with the rest of the room?