Monday, August 1, 2011

Together Again

The Five Sisters got together for a wonderful reunion last week (our brothers were there too).  My sisters are so cute!  It was awesome spending time together and seeing each other's families.  Everyone was there except for one brother and his family.  They were sorely missed.  We actually had two reunions back to back, with Deb hosting the first and Ruth the second.  Thanks girls!!! 

Our family has a tradition of having a pie eating contest when we get together for our yearly reunion. (Thanks Ruth for doing it!  Sadly I forgot to do it when I hosted last year, but I'll attribute my forgetfulness to mommy brain and a new baby).  Back in the day, my grandma would make dozens of little pie shells which would then be filled with bananas, vanilla pudding and topped with whipped cream.  I have fun memories of learning how to roll pie dough with my cousins at Grandma's house.  Some of my cousins/siblings could eat the pie in one or two bites.  They probably still can.  You may think, "wow, small pies."  But really, I think they just have big mouths. ;) 

We divided everyone by age (0-6, 7-10, 11-adult with men and women being separate).  No hands can be used, and for the adult category, hands need to be behind your back.  The person to finish their pie first wins.  My grandma would usually have a pie for the winner.  Lately, the prestige of being the winner is usually prize enough. :)

My little girls didn't know what to do, so they just sat there and wouldn't touch their pies until someone gave them forks to eat with.  Next time we should have the little ones go after the bigger kids so they know what to do.

My little guy was one of the winners.  The "secret" to winning is to get as much of the pie as you can on your face, then you have less pie you have to get in your mouth and actually eat. 

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