Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jingle All the Way

I seem to make these Jingle Bell Bracelets/Ornaments every year.  Whether it's for nursery or Primary at Church to accompany "Christmas Bells", or for a playgroup activity with a Jingle Bells theme, or for the music lessons I teach, this is a fun little activity that all the kids enjoy. 
Chenille Stems (aka pipe cleaners)
Jingle bells--if you use multiple bells clustered together, the jingling is better
Beads (Pony Beads)

You may need to help the kids get the bells on, but after that the beads are pretty easy for even the littlest fingers to string on.  When they are done, twist the ends of the chenille stems together to form a bracelet.  Then sing "Christmas Bells" or "Jingle Bells".


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