Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reindeer Party

With Christmas approaching, it's fun to get together with family and friends.  It's even more fun when you have a theme to center the get-together around.  Reindeer are a fun theme, especially for kids. 
 You can make these fun cupcakes.  Just go to the FamilyFun website.  Mine looks cuter than theirs though. 
You will need:
24 cupcakes
Chocolate frosting
Mini Marshmallows
Mini chocolate chips
Mini Nilla Wafers
Red Hots or red M&Ms
Frost cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  Add broken pretzels for antlers.  Marshmallows and chocolate chips for eyes, mini nilla wafers and a redhot or m&m for the nose.
Get antlers at Dollar tree for your own little reindeer.
Read the original story by Robert L. May.
Sing the song by Johnny Marks.
Read a book about real reindeer.
Watch the 1964 television special.
Make reindeer food--eat carrots and celery.  Or make magic reindeer food--oatmeal mixed with a sugar sprinkles, to sprinkle outside for Santa's reindeer.