Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chocolate Pudding Garnish

For Family Home Evening last night, my 6 year old daughter made chocolate pudding.  Nothing special, just the instant boxed kind.  We used the blender to mix it up.  Much easier than using the whisk or beaters.  We topped it off with whipped topping (also the boxed kind, great stuff to have in your food storage) and grated chocolate for a garnish.  The garnish was the coolest part, I thought.  I had the kids ask Grandma for a Hershey's Kiss (since I'm all out of chocolate).  They came back with two, but I seriously only used one to top 9 dessert cups.  How awesome is that!  I just grated the chocolate kiss over each dessert with a cheese grater.  ~Lena   

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