Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation Home

We decided to take separate vacations this year.  Princess Sally visited our royal friends and we headed to the big city for lots of sight-seeing. To make our separation easier to bear,  and since princesses can be, well princessy, we thought Sally would like to stay in a new vacation home.

For inspiration my right hand man looked at these plans here and here.
Tools: Circular saw with Rip Cut, Kreg Jig, pocket screws, drill, jig saw, hammer and nails, wood, and shingles
 Be sure to have extra builders ready to lend a helping hand or 6.
Measure and cut wood, drill holes, screw and nail pieces together.  Using the Kreg Rip Cut and Kreg Jig made this project a lot easier.  And we were able to use up extra wood that we had in our stash.  So cool!

 The kids had lots of fun helping with this project.
 And playing in the house.  Kind of irresistible isn't it.
 I think a playhouse needs to be put into our cue of projects. 
Princess Sally seems to like it, as long as she takes her own bed with her.  Princesses and their ways!  Good thing we can accommodate her demands and whims.   I'll have to post the "after" pictures later.  Princess Sally's new abode is now purple with black shingles.  Thanks hon for the new vacation home. ~Lena

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