Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Budget Menu

I know I recently posted a budget menu, but I read my niece Sara's blog last night and it inspired me per se, to go ahead and write up my menu that I will be using this week.  I will include my grocery shopping receipt too. (I should have done that in my last post!)

-Homemade Pizza (1/2 cheese, 1/2 pepperoni)
-A&W Rootbeer
We were going to have the pizza Saturday night, but the first weekend of every month Lee and I fast for 2 meals.  The money we would have spent on those meals, we donate to a Fast Offering fund and the local Bishop uses the funds to care for the poor and the needy.  More details, read about it here.
Anyway, we fed the kids mashed potatoes instead because we didn't want to miss out on pizza!  Also, the A&W I purchased during a food storage trip.  I would like to build up a 2 week supply of water. I figured we might as well enjoy some pop in the process and wash and refill with water when done!

-Bean Soup
The soup I will make with black beans, canned tomatoes, ground beef, frozen corn and a packet of taco seasoning.  The black beans, beef and tomatoes I already had on hand.

-Stuffed Shells
-Homemade French Bread
I knew this meal was coming up, so I purchased the shells last month when I had a little extra grocery money. I already have mozzarella cheese in the freezer, but I did have to buy cottage cheese and ricotta cheese.  About once a month I go to Aldi and stock up on things that I know are cheap there, like spaghetti sauce, crackers, and tortillas.  I bought the spaghetti sauce already, but did use February grocery money to purchase it.

I have the ground beef on hand (Lee bought a LOT with his spending money back in November.  Yes, we're pathetic, but there you go). Got the tortillas at the afore mentioned Aldi run, plus have the cheese on hand--I bought a lot of cheese at the commissary back in November when I got it for about $0.80 a bag.  That is where all this cheese is coming from.

-Ruffles pasta with Lee's white sauce

-Homemade Fries

-Box mac-n-cheese
I bought the mac-n-cheese at the same February Aldi run. 

At the Aldi trip I've mentioned several times, I spent $27.27.  Here is my receipt for this week's menu. I was excited to buy two Corn Chex, get one free.  It made them $1.19 a box. Plus I had a coupon for the butter.  Also I don't make my own bread.  Someday I probably will.  The kids are small and we go through about five loaves a week.  It's pretty cheap at the commissary, so I just buy it.

2nd receipt

Thanks for indulging me. I made some lemon bars this afternoon for FHE tonight.  I will be posting a picture later.

~Ramen Queen

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