Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chest Re-do

For my first post I'd like to talk about an old chest of mine. I got it for Christmas one year when I was in High School.

It's an o.k. looking chest. I love that it's cedar lined, but I didn't love how it looked so much. I decided to put it in my son's room to help with toy storage for awhile.

While it was in there - I decided to make a quick and easy cosmetic change to it, so it would match the room decor a little more. I unscrewed the cushion from the lid and stapled some fabric to it and viola!
A quick and easy change. It only took about 3o mins or so and updated the look quite a bit.

Well about a year later we moved. In our new apartment my son's room is quite a bit smaller, so the chest didn't fit anymore. I didn't really know where to put it. My room was full of other furniture and I didn't really want it in the main living areas looking the way it did. So I decided a major overhaul was needed. With the help of my husband (well he did most of the work actually...), we stained & recovered it, put new hardware on, knocked off the legs and put on new ones. And here is the result:

I absolutely love how it turned out! And now I'm proud to display it in any room of my house.
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Jeff said...

Wow! What an amazing transformation! I really like the idea - you've inspired me to do the same thing with a spare chest that I've had laying around my house for a couple of years!

Lois said...

Very impressive changes. I always lacked the courage to make major changes in things. Way to go, Finisher!!!

Michelle Church said...

Love it. That is so neat all the uses it has had.

Blue Velvet Chair said...

Saw you at Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays. Great chest redo. I'm all about recycling and reloving. Have a peek over at my place when you have a few minutes. Cheers.

Lauren said...

Love the new legs- How clever! I have a similar cedar chest that I refinished and recovered already but I think I'll have to use your base/leg idea, too!

Thanks for sharing!

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh! What a fantastic transformation- night and day! I am a new follower. I saw your post on Tatortots and Jello.