Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Me---l----t---i-n-g---!

For our treat tonight for Family Home Evening we made Melting Witch Pudding Cups.  This is another fun recipe from Pillsbury.
Right off the bat I knew I would modify this recipe a bit.  The original calls for chocolate pudding and vanilla pudding colored green.  We chose to use pistachio pudding.  Why add an extra step with food coloring when you can buy a pudding that is already green?  We also changed the hats.  P. wanted us to use Bugles dipped in chocolate and chocolate sandwich cookies for the witch hats.  We had chocolate kisses and fudge striped cookies leftover from last week when we made Deborah's witches hats, so we used those.  The brooms were made with pretzels and Chinese noodles (I can't wait to use the rest of these Chinese noodles in Hawaiian Haystacks).  The faces were mini chocolate chips (I set a few aside from when I made pumpkin pancakes and muffins this weekend) and the legs were gummy worms, cut in half.  My ten year old son mixed up the pudding and assembled all our melted witches (with a little help from mom).  Next time I'll have to serve these after we watch The Wizard of Oz.  

Melted Witches
1 sm box chocolate pudding
2 cups milk
Mix with the milk according to package directions.
1 sm box pistachio pudding
2 cups milk
Mix with milk according to pkg directions (use a separate bowl from the chocolate)
Spoon chocolate, then pistachio pudding into each cup.  Swirl with a knife or craft stick.

Accessorize each witch with the following:
Witch Hat: 1 Hershey Kiss, 1/2 Fudge Striped Cookie
Witch Legs: 1 gummy worm cut in half to form 2 legs
Witch Face: 3 mini chocolate chips for eyes and mouth
Witch Broom: 1 pretzel stick handle, a few Chinese noodles for broom bristles

Easily Serves 12 if small cups are used (the size of store-bought individual fruit cups--which is actually what I used).  We served 10 and had some pudding leftover.