Friday, October 21, 2011

Spider Web Pizza

Pillsbury has a recipe for Spooky Spiderweb Pizza.  I thought it looked fun, so I gave it a try.  True to myself, I couldn't just stick to the recipe that was given and had to throw in my own little twists.  For starters, I made a sourdough pizza dough and used part wheat flour.

 The recipe then has you put the toppings on backwards (at least from how I normally put them on).  Start with cheese, then pepperoni, or sausage, peppers and onions.  Whatever you like.
 Add the sauce.  I like to use Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce. 
 Then make a spiral with Alfredo Sauce.  I made a white sauce, and added some good shakes of Parmesan to it.  It was very tasty sauce. 
 Run a knife or tooth pick across the sauce to give it a web effect.  It probably would look better with lines drawn on with more Alfredo sauce. 

Add a spider made from a whole olive and olive slices that are cut in half for the legs.  Add eyes with more sauce if you wish.  Bake and eat. 
It tasted good.  I still prefer the cheese to be on top of my pizza. It has more flavor that way.  All in all, a fun dish to try.


Curiosity said...

That's fun! I'm sure kids would enjoy it.

Lois said...

It was very yummy!!

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