Saturday, October 1, 2011

Menu for First Full Week of October

So, I love celebrating the different holidays throughout the year.  For the start of Fall and the beginning of the holiday season, I love to make fun and slightly spooky meals during the month of October.  This is the only month I really do this.  If I had to make festive holiday meals all the time, it would get REALLY old, but making fun Halloween meals almost every day for only one month a year just makes it something to look forward to.  Now, I do have fun traditional meals other times during the year, but they are spread out more and not every day.

Another thing, for me personally, I don't make anything that would be scary or gross me out--like the hotdogs cut up to look like slimy worms.  If that is your cup of tea--go for it, but I don't think I could physically eat it, and I want Halloween to be a fun safe time for my kids, not something to scare them.  

Unless something comes up, I will be posting pictures and how-to's about the different meals that I will be making during the week.

Here is the overview of the menu for the 1st week.

Sunday--Twice Baked Potato Ghosts and Baked Chicken

Monday--Our Family Decorating Party--see my post last week for pictures and the menu.

Tuesday--Spider Web Curry Pumpkin Soup

Wednesday--Ghoulash and Spiky Cupcakes

Thursday--Cheesy Bat Biscuits

Friday--Broomstick Bread

Saturday--Pizza (Some traditions never change)

I can't wait to show you the pictures!

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