Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Paper

I love going to other people's houses and seeing all of the different things they've done to decorate and make their house into home.  This is especially fun during holiday times.  It's cool when I've seen my friends put a seasonal touch in their bathrooms, either with fun soap or with a cute decoration.  A couple of my friends have cute "pumpkins" on their toilets.  It was so easy and cute, I had to follow suit.    

Toilet paper
Orange fabric (approx. 11" x 20")--whatever type of fabric you prefer.  It's cute with a pattern on it too.
Paper bag (for the stem)
Extra fabric/ribbon/leaves--whatever you want to dress it up a bit. 

 Simply wrap the fabric around the toilet paper and tuck it in at the ends.

Fold the paper bag in half and roll it up tightly for the stem.  Push it into the hole on one end.  (This also helps the fabric stay in place).

 Add ribbon or fabric, to your pumpkin for a vine.  Cut a leaf from fabric or use a fake one.  Tie on to stem.
Place your roll of pumpkin paper on the toilet.  So easy, so fun. Make one for each bathroom and add some fall flair to your home.  ~Lena

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