Friday, June 17, 2011

Sewing for Dad

The kids and I have had fun sewing up some Father's Day surprises for Dad and Grandpa this week.  We made a travel tote for all of Dad's gadgety stuff.  You can look at the instructions here.  The instructions use a dish towel.  We decided to use two fabrics, sewn together into a dishtowel-sized rectangle.  For a quicker, easier project, I recommend the dishtowel. 

We (I was helping my 8 year old with this project) started out with two fabrics and matching thread.

 Cut them out to the size you want.  We used a dish towel to measure.  I like to be precise like.  If using fabric (instead of a dishtowel) sew around outside edges, leaving a gap to turn everything right-side out.  Then stitch the opening closed.  We used a slip stitch. 
 Start folding up the short end to create two pockets, one over the top of the other, with a flap on the top, that can be folded down over everything.

 Pin the pockets into place.  To make it easier, draw lines where you want the pockets to go, with a fabric pencil.
 Sew the pocket lines.  Don't forget the side seams!
 We sewed a shoe lace in the center of the back to tie up the bag when it's all rolled up.

My five year old helped with the next project: a case to hold Dad's gps.
 Measure the fabric.  We folded it over the gps, then cut it out.
 We sewed the top sides together, turned it out, then when it was inside out we sewed the sides.  We then made a strap, by folding a strip of the outside fabric together, sewed the open edge closed, and sewed it to the back of the case, making sure the strap could fit over to the front.

I wanted the strap to wrap around the case so there would be a loop where Dad could attach the case to his belt if he wanted. 

 We added a button to the front and a button hole on the end of the strap. And there's our case.  Pretty good for a 5 year old (and Mom). 

For our final project, my 7 year old made a case for Grandpa, similar to the gps case, but instead of a strap with a button closure, we had a flap on the top that folded over the front and we used velcro to close it.
Happy Father's Day DAD!


Lois said...

Grandpa loved the storage bag for his iPad. Very nice!

sheldon bartholomew said...

that is the old fabric that was used to make my pajamas when i was like 8! the type with the cds and disks on it