Monday, April 4, 2011

Terrific Tuesday Two-week Menu

So I am a day early posting this as it's not Tuesday yet, but I want to get my dinner menu up for the next two weeks. It's a new month with a new food budget! Last month the food budget was a little different because we spent a week at my sister's house and made dinner for her every night (except for two nights).  The money put towards food on our trip came out of the "vacation" money. This month, the food budget is higher than last--if you don't include the food bought on the trip.  I'm pleased to announce that April is Ramen Free month, ha ha, for me anyway. But, it's still a very conservative menu, so here goes.

April 3-9

Sunday: Homemade scones with toppings (cheese, pepperoni, honey)
Monday: Stirfry with shredded chicken, green peppers, white onions, homemade mint brownies for FHE dessert
Tuesday: Mashed potatoes, corn
Wednesday: Rice with black beans
Thursday: Stuffed Peppers with rice, diced tomatoes and sausage
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Macaroni & cheese (box), broccoli

April 10-16

Sunday: Eggs, toast, applesauce (omelet, scrambled, hard boiled...however the kids want them!)
Monday: Potato soup, homemade rolls
Tuesday: Spaghetti, green salad
Wednesday: BBQ shredded pork on homemade rolls (use leftover rolls from Monday), peas
Thursday: Tuna pinwheels, broccoli
Friday: Fettuccine with homemade white sauce, corn
Saturday: Macaroni & cheese (box), peas

When I have put up menus, I have just been putting up dinners.  This is what we will eat this week for the other meals:
Breakfast: Oatmeal at least once a week, cold cereal and pancakes/waffles/German pancakes on Saturday
Lunch: PB&J or leftovers, fruit--apples or oranges
Snack: Chex mix, fish crackers, and/or applesauce

Have fun with your menu too!

~Ramen Queen

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